• Image of PREORDER - D.FENDER FOR BLUTO/FOX 34 Boost V1
  • Image of PREORDER - D.FENDER FOR BLUTO/FOX 34 Boost V1

NOW CONFIRMED FIT ON LAUF FORKS, as well as other rigid forks.
Confirmed fit for your new Plus bike, Fox 34, and Pike BOOST.





Original D.FENDER fatbike guard. Made In USA. Screen Printed In USA. --COLOR IS BLACK-

This D.FENDER was developed for the Bluto suspension fork, and has been tested to fit a Surly Lou Tire on a Clown Shoe.

---New Version---
Our dealers have asked for a way to display products, we have added a hang tag only available to stocking dealers.
Material change to a more durable solution, includes made in USA zip ties. More coverage without being too bulky.
* Better fit for new 27.5+ forks, including Fox 34, and Rockshox Pike.

We now have well over 400 Sold...

Darrin - 11/13/15 - 8:35am
I put this fender on my bluto last month and can say I will never be taking it off, even in good weather. I am now a fender evangelist and have put them on all my bikes. Its great not having mud and small rocks flying into your face when rolling at high speed.
Fenders are totally worth the cost and weight. It is amazing that fork manufacturers haven’t made fender mounts standard on all suspension forks. It is literally bordering on incompetence, fenders make that much of a difference.
My bet is that all fork manufacturers will start including threaded mounting holes on arches and lowers like DVO has done with their Diamond fork. Until that happens, a professionally made product like this is worth buying. It’s sturdy yet a bit flexible. It mounts so solid that it almost seems bolted on.

review from Bikerumor.com

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